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(Please post photos of flowers from the Sierra Nevada only.) Sierra butterweed, also a type of Senecio, plays a major role of the meadow wildflower display in Tuolumne Meadows. The native plants of the San Francisco Bay Area are not always typical of other regions of California, and some species are endemic.This list covers the flowers of the Bay Area one is most likely to see within its nine counties. 1007 Blue, purple. What needs to happen for a good bloom: Lots of rain. Purple & Blue Flowers | Pink, Red, & Orange Flowers Yellow & Gold Flowers | White Flowers | Guide What Blooming Now. Box 3188 Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 COVID Business Hours We offer Pick-ups and Deliveries on Tuesdays & Fridays from our parking lot, by advance email orders to [email protected] Retail Floor is ONLY OPEN on Fridays from 10-3, one person at a time. Ruth 28-Oct-2013 05:19: Greetings, I'm wondering if you may be able to help me please. Don't let those out of date headlines … Flickr/ California Department of Fish and Wildlife The reserve is located on 3,315 acres about 7 miles north of Oroville. There are tapestries of hot pink Bigelow’s Monkey Flower, purple Sand Verbena, delicate white and yellow Evening Primrose and of course the desert lilies… There are 640 rare, threatened, and endangered plant species in the 12 counties that make up the Central Region, according to the California Native Plant Society’s Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants, 7th Edition.This represents 29% of the 2,177 rare plants in the state and … Whether it be purple wildflowers UK, Texas, California, Michigan, Ohio or Colorado. You can also save this PDF to your phone for quick access and use when you are out of service. Post your photos with the name of the flower if possible and where the photo was taken. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. I'm trying to help a friend locate a plant similar to the violet wildflowers above, for medicinal purposes. Purple wildflowers This is an informative & photographic guide to purple wildflowers which will give you a full overview of wildflowers in different areas. This gallery is a collection of California native wildflowers and plants, mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area. This site includes photographs and botanical information on 2300 Southern California wildflowers and other blooming plants as well as a botanical glossary, an essay on Southern California plant communities, links to other internet wildflower sites, and a list of print references. California Natives ate it as a vegetable after boiling the early spring greens. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. With its 1100-foot range in elevation, Yosemite is in bloom nearly all year round. Plant in full sun. *=Multiple images on detail page. Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore. ... as well as the whole plant, was a good luck charm. It starts with flowers that are (a) common and/or (b) already have an article in Wikipedia. Bright yellow anthers, strangely twisted, protrude, and one style, with branched stigma, lies flat out of the way until the anthers dry up. Starting in March on the valley floor, find clover, pine violets, evening primrose, and dogwood. You can get all the facts, knowledge, benifits & images you need here. California coastal wildflowers - great displays of beautiful wildflowers can be found most anywhere in Central California and the beach is no exception. Small purple flowers grow among white Desert-Star (Monoptilon bellioides) wildflowers in Death Valley National Park, in Death Valley, California, March 3, 2016. Although flowers may be easy to measure, the size often varies. | Federal Tax ID # 77-0169682 |. Their dark green waxy leaves grow flat on the ground with usually only a single flower stalk terminating in a hand full of elegant refluxed flowers. If … Search Our Database: Enter any portion of the Scientific, Common Name, or both. Flower color, main. As California’s grassland turns from green to gold, the wildflowers head for the hills. Orange, yellow and purple wildflowers paint the hills of the Tremblor Range, April 6, 2017 at Carrizo Plain National Monument near Taft, California. When a plant has clusters of small flowers you should measure the size of a flower even though it may be very small. Shooting stars, Dodecatheon clevelandii, are exotic looking pinkish purple California wildflowers. Tall Hairy Agrimony, Common Agrimony, Hooked Agrimony, Tall Hairy Grooveburr, Black Medic, Black Hay, Hop Clover, Hop Medic, Yellow Trefoil, Blue Toadflax, Canada Toadflax, Oldfield Toadflax, Common Arrowhead, Arrowleaf, Burhead, Wapato, Duck-potato, Broadleaf Arrowhead, Hot-rock Penstemon, Scabland penstemon, Hot-rock Beardtongue, Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, Stinking Clover, Skunk Weed, Navajo Spinach, Shepherd's Needles ,Spanish Needles, Romerillo, Common Beggar's-tick, Hairy Beggarticks, Cobbler's Pegs, Spanish Needles, Spanish Needles Beggars Ticks, Bluebell Bellflower, Bluebell, Harebell, Bluebell-of-Scotland, Blue Rain Flower, Heathbells, Witches Thimbles, Hairy Bittercress, Hoary Bittercress, Lamb's Cress, Spring Cress, Flickweed, Thimbleberry, Western Thimbleberry, Salmonberry, Mountain Sorrel, White Flowering Raspberry, Western Thimble Raspberry, Indian Blanket, Indian Blanketflower, Firewheel, Blue-eyed Mary, Maiden Blue Eyed Mary, Smallflower Blue Eyed Mary, One-flowered Broomrape ; One-flowered Cancer Root, Ghostpipe, Naked Broomrape, Tassel Rue, False Bugbane, Carolina Bugbane, Small Burnet, Salad burnet, Garden burnet, Sagebrush Buttercup, Shiny-leaved Buttercup, Early Buttercup, Elliptical Buttercup, Buttonbush, Common Buttonbush, Button Ball, Riverbush, Honey-bells, Button Willow, White Campion, White Cockle, Evening Lychnis, Stansbury's Cliffrose, Cliff Rose, Quininebush, Low-Hop Clover, Field Clover, Large Hop Clover, Hop Trefoil, Woolly Head Clover, Hairy Head Clover, Cascade Clover, Cusick's Clover, Martin's Clover, Fuzzyleaf Clover, American Cow Parsnip, Masterwort, American Hogweed, Common Cowparsnip, Purple Deadnettle, Red Deadnettle, Purple Archangel, Foothill Death Camas, Foothills Deathcamas, Panicled Death Camas, Sand-corn, Red-osier Dogwood, Western Dogwood, American Dogwood, Common Elderberry, American Elderberry, American Black Elderberry, Red Elderberry, Red Elder, Rocky Mountain Elder, Scarlet Elderberry, Pink Ladies, Showy Evening Primrose, Pink Primrose, Common Evening Primrose, Evening Star, Sun Drop, Rough Eyelashweed, Blepharipappus, Rough Blepharipappus, Calypso Orchid, Fairy Slipper, Venus Slipper, Angel Slipper, Deer's Head Orchid, Indigobush, False Indigo Bush, Desert False Indigo, Tall Indigo-bush, Japanese Knotweed, Crimson Beauty, Mexican bamboo, Japanese Fleece Flower, Reynoutria, Common Fiddleneck, Menzie's Fiddleneck, Rancher's Fiddleneck, Fireweed, Narrow-leaf fireweed, Willow Herb, Rosebay Willow Herb, Blooming Sally, False Nutsedge, Strawcolored Flatsedge, Strawcolor Nutgrass, Scabland Fleabane, Bloomer's Daisy, Bloomer's Fleabane, Fogfruit, Lanceleaf Fogfruit, Northern Fogfruit, Yellowbells, Yellow Fritillary, Yellow Missionbells, Gold Bell, Explorer's Gentian, Mountain Bog Gentian, Rainier Pleated Gentian, Sticky Purple Geranium, Sticky Wild Geranium, American Germander, Wood Sage, Canada Germander, Yellow Salsify, Yellow Goatsbeard, Western Salsify, Wild Oysterplant, Goatsbeard, Eastern Goatsbeard, Bride's Feathers, Camphorweed, Camphor Weed, False Goldenaster, Tall Goldenrod, Late Goldenrod, Canada Goldenrod, Limestone Hawksbeard, Smallflower Hawksbeard, Spreading Hedge Parsley, Field Hedge Parsley, Common Hedge Parsley, Houndstongue, Hound's Tongue, Gypsyflower, Wyoming Paintbrush, Narrow-leaved Indian Paintbrush, Desert Paintbrush, Scarlet Gilia, Scarlet Skyrocket, Scarlet Trumpet, Skunk Flower, Yellow Flag Iris, Paleyellow Iris, Yellow Iris, Water Flag, Showy Jacob's Ladder, Jacob's Ladder, Skunky Polemonium, Skunkleaf Polemonium, Heartleaf Twistflower, Heart-Leaved Jewelflower, Jimsonweed, Jamestown Weed, Mad Apple, Moon Flower, Stinkwort, Thorn Apple, Devil's Trumpet, Sacred Datura, Sacred Thorn-apple, Indian Apple, Angel Trumpet, Tailed Kittentails, Mountain Kittentails, Mountain Kittentoes, Bachelor's Button, Bluebottle, Cornflower, Garden Cornflower, Yellow Ladyslipper, Lesser Yellow Lady's Slipper, Greater Yellow Lady's Slipper, Small Flowered Yellow Lady's Slipper, Sweet Autumn Clematis, Sweet Autumn Virginsbower, Leatherleaf Clematis, Yam-leaved Clematis, Western Clematis, Western White Clematis, Western Virgin's Bower, Creek Clematis, Old Man's Beard, Pepper Vine, Purple Loosestrife, Rosy Strife, Kill Weed, American Lotus, Water Lotus, Water Chinquapin, Yellow Lotus, Dwarf Lousewort, Spring Lousewort, Great Basin Lousewort, Wood Betony, False Solomon's Seal, Feathery False Lily of the Valley, Solomon's Plume, Starry False Solomon's Seal, Starry False Lily of the Valley, Starflower False Solomon's Seal Star-flowered Solomon's Plume, Pineapple Weed, Wild Chamomile, Rayless Chamomile, Disc Mayweed, Western Meadow-rue, Western Meadowrue, Meadow Rue, Butterfly Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, Pleurisy Root, Orange Milkweed, Lewis' Mock Orange, Indian Arrowwood, Syringa, California Mock Orange, Yellow Monkeyflower, Common Monkeyflower, Seep Monkeyflower, Dwarf Purple Mimulus, Dwarf Purple Monkeyflower, Small White Morning Glory, Whitestar, Pitted Morningglory, Common Mullein, Great Mullein, Cowboy Toilet Paper, Flannel-plant, Carolina Horse Nettle, Bull Nettle, Devil's Tomato, Climbing Nightshade, Bittersweet Nightshade, Woody Nightshade, European Bittersweet, Fellenwort, Blue Nightshade, Perennial Pea, Sweet Pea, Everlasting Pea, Pearly Everlasting, Western Pearly Everlasting, Bigleaf Periwinkle, Large Periwinkle, Greater Periwinkle, Silverleaf Phacelia, Timberline Phacelia, Mountain Phacelia, Threadleaf Phacelia, Narrow Leaved Phacelia, Carson's Phacelia, Threadleaf Scorpionweed, Dusty Maidens, Douglas' Dustymaiden, Chaenactis, Douglas False Yarrow, Narrowleaf Plantain, English Plantain, Buckhorn, Lanceleaf Plantain, Ribwort, Buckhorn, Ribgrass, Virginia Plantain, Dwarf Plantain, Southern Plantain, Hoary Plantain, Paleseed Indianwheat, Chokecherry, Western Chokecherry, Black Chokecherry, Bristle Thistle, Musk Thistle, Nodding Thistle, Nodding Plumeless Thistle, American Pokeweed, Pokeberry, Inkberry, Poke Sallet, Mexican Hat, Long-Headed Coneflower, Red Coneflower, Upright Prairie Coneflower, Thimbleflower, Wingleaf Primrose-willow, Wingstem Water Primrose, Willow Primrose, Upright Primrose-willow, Creeping Water Primrose, Floating Primrose-Willow, Water-primrose, Desert Prince's Plume, Golden Prince's Plume, Golden Desert Plume, Sentinel Of The Plains, Great Ragweed, Buffalo Weed, Horseweed, Giant Ragweed, Tall Ambrosia, Common Ragweed, Annual Ragweed, Small Ragweed, Roman Wormwood, Dame's Rocket, Damask Violet, Night-scented Gilliflower, Queen's Gilliflower, Mother-of-the-evening, Summer Lilac, Woods Rose, Common Wild Rose, Mountain Rose, Swamp Rose Mallow, Crimsoneyed Rosemallow, Marshmallow, Woolly Rose Mallow, Hairy-fruited Hibiscus, Sicklepod, Sicklepod Senna, Java Bean, Blunt-leaf Senna, Chinese Senna, Arsenic Weed, Utah Serviceberry, Pale Serviceberry, Western Serviceberry, Shrubby Cinquefoil, Shrubby Five-finger, Golden Hardhack, Water Knotweed, Swamp Smartweed, Water Smartweed, Dotted Smartweed, Dotted Knotweed, Water Smartweed, Bitterweed, Bitter Sneezeweed, Yellowdicks, Autumn Sneezeweed, Common Sneezeweed, False Sunflower, Staggerwort, Yellow Star, Bouncing Bet, Common Soapwort, Crow Soap, Wild Sweet William, Soapweed, Bird's Eye Speedwell, Persian Speedwell, Birdeye Speedwell, Winter Speedwell, Water Speedwell, Sessile Water-speedwell, Brook-pimpernell, Blue Water Speedwell, Miner's Lettuce, Indian Lettuce, Winter Purslane, Lanceleaf Spring Beauty, Western Spring Beauty, Wild Poinsettia, Mexican Fireplant, Fire on the Mountain, Painted Euphorbia, Desert Poinsettia, Snow-on-the-Mountain, Mountain Snow Spurge, Western Stoneseed, Columbia Puccoon, Yellow Puccoon, Crane's Bill Geranium, Redstem Stork's Bill, Storksbill, Redstem Filaree, Heron's Bill, Fragrant Sumac, Aromatic Sumac, Squawbush, Skunkbush, Lemon Sumac, Polecat Bush, Jerusalem Artichoke, Jerusalem Sunflower, Sunchoke, Girasole, Common Sunflower, Kansas Sunflower, Mirasol, Yellow Sweetclover, Yellow Melilot, Common Melilot, Field Melilot, Cornilla Real, White Sweetclover, White Sweetclover, White Melilot, Honey-Clover, Bokhara Clover, Common Tansy, Golden Buttons, Bitter Buttons, Cow Bitter, Garden Tansy, Florida Tasselflower, Flora's Paintbrush, Florida Tassel Flower, Butter-and-eggs, Common Toadflax, Yellow Toadflax, Wild Snapdragon, Bird's Foot Trefoil, Birdfoot Deervetch, Bloomfell, Cat's Clover, Crowtoes, Ground Honeysuckle, Coatbuttons, Tridax Daisy, Tridax, Cadillo Chisaca, Western Trillium, Western White Trillium, Pacific Trillium, Oettinger's Trillium, Large-flowered Triplet-lily, Douglas' Brodiaea, Wild Hyacinth, Trumpet Creeper, Cow Itch, Hell Vine, Devil's Shoestring, Large Flowered Collomia, Grand Collomia, Mountain Collomia, Narrowleaf Collomia, Tiny Trumpet, Narrow-leaf Mountain Trumpet, Venus' Looking Glass, Clasping Bellwort, Clasping Venus' Looking Glass, Roundleaved Triodanis, Crown Vetch, Purple Crown Vetch, Axseed, Hive Vine, Lanceleaf Violet, Bog White Violet, Strapleaf Violet, Goosefoot Violet, Goosefoot Yellow Violet, Mountain Violet, Viper's Bugloss, Blueweed, Blue Devil, Blue Borage, Common Echium, Northern Bugleweed, Northern Water Horehound, Ballhead Waterleaf, Cat's Breeches, Dwarf Waterleaf, American White Water Lily, Fragrant Water Lily, White Water Lily, Redwood Sorrel, Oregon Wood Sorrel, Oregon Oxalis.

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