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Slice yams in half if necessary. Wikipedia Article About Oca on Wikipedia The oca or oka is a perennial plant grown in the central and southern Andes for its starchy edible tuber, used as a root vegetable. IF you need more time, bake for an additional 10 minutes, checking again with the fork. Growing Oca (Oxalis tuberosa or New Zealand Yam) is an increasingly common activity for home gardeners. Sep 15, 2015 - Oca can be used as potato in any dish. They’re in the ground for ages (8 months or so). It’s important there for enhancing food security as it has a high nutritional content. I had a chat with the stallholder, Michael, and he gave me more tips on how to cook these oka yams. True yams aren’t actually common in the U.S., but what makes it confusing is that U.S. grocery stores label “soft” sweet potato varieties as “yams,” while “firm” sweet potatoes retain their name. What do oca tubers taste like? 3. Slicing the oca thinly helps it cook quickly so keep an eye on your wok. Stir in ginger, chilies, and sesame, and cook the mixture for 2 minutes. They are related to that pesky week Oxalis and Irish Wood Sorrel (the Shamrock). Stir the oca every few minutes as the oca cooks. Yams (oca) are such a fabulous crop – both leaf and tuber are edible, they’re easy care and problem free. Vary with green banana, prawns or chunks of pumpkin. Cut the yam open after it's done baking. Add the leeks, and toss again. In more temperate northern climates, Oca is frost sensitive and is an annual. There are but two negatives . Cook the oca until they are as tender as you like. They are cooked in a similar manner to potatoes. Oca can be treated much like potatoes regarding cooking but they need much less cooking time, simply boil, roast or mash! The oca has landed. Try them sliced or grated raw into salads. Yam curry Soften onion and garlic clove in green curry paste, simmer 500g whole yams and a tin of coconut milk until yams are cooked. 10 So when you’re out shopping, make sure you confirm that you’re buying real yams. Add more oil if needed and briefly stir-fry the ham. There are many ways to cook oca, including baking, boiling, steaming, roasting, and stir frying. Bake in preheated oven for 30-35 minutes, or until tender. Oca is grown primarily for its edible and nutritious tuber which can be eaten raw or cooked. Unlike potatoes, oca tubers can be eaten both raw and cooked. The best way to cook them, in my opinion, is to wash them off and roast them in olive oil. Place in serving dish and serve hot. Add more oil to the wok, if needed, and briefly stir-fry the ham. Yams grown in New Zealand originate from the South American Andes where they are known as Oca (Oxalis tuberosa). Cooked yams kept in the fridge will keep for 2 to 3 weeks. The flavor gets sweeter, though, and if you boil or steam them, the tang disappears. Oca (Oxalis tuberosum), is also know as New Zealand Yam. Because raw yams aren’t recommended for freezing, you should boil or bake the yams first prior to freezing. To Roast Just lightly toss them in olive oil or cold pressed rapeseed oil with a few twists of pepper and sea salt and put into a hot oven for around 20 minutes. Baby Red Oca Yams or New Zealand Yams. Yams have a crisp texture that turns mealy with longer cooking. They originally come from South America and the botanical name is Oxalis tuberose. Mixed Pack of 4 different varieties Bunyip, Aphrodite, Solomon and Romeo. The tubers have a tangy, acid nutty flavour and are a great accompaniment to roast dinners. Try this maybe! Variations: Use swedes, parsnips or turnips. In New Zealand it is known as a yam (although it isn't a true yam) and there are now a range of colours, including yellow, orange, pink, apricot, as well as the traditional red. Add the pepper jelly to taste, and sake if using water if not to the wok to make a sauce, you need enough to make … In the batch I cooked for the chilli roasted oca, it was the orange ones that were the sharpest. Introduced to New Zealand as early as 1860, it has become popular in that country under the name New Zealand yam and is now a common table vegetable. It’s second only to the potato for the number of tubers grown. We commonly call Oca the New Zealand Yam, they are a small carrot coloured tuber that grows well in cool to temperate climates. Add 1 lb (450 g) of sliced oca and cook them for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Then I read the sign - they were oka yams from New Zealand (also spelt oca yams). They can be boiled and mashed, or sliced and roasted. They do not require peeling. A post shared by Jason Croker (@chimpy_fonzerelli) on Jul 3, 2018 at 3:16am PDT. Cheers to a healthy potato! Steamed or boiled oca can also be turned into delicious mashed oca — a nutritious alternative to mashed potatoes! How to Cook Oca. Freezing boiled yams will extend their shelf life to 10 to 12 months at 0° Fahrenheit. They grow in cooler areas and are used as a vegetable crop. Alternatively, allow to cool, then toss through leafy greens to make a salad. You eat oca skin and all, and raw or cooked. Add soy sauce, pepper jelly, and sake to the wok to make a sauce. Oca doesn't mash all that well, in my opinion, although some people disagree. Oca can be eaten raw (often with salt, lemon, and chili powder) or cooked (boiled, baked, mashed, or fried) with the skins on or off.Use oca as an exciting potato substitute, or pair it with colorful heirloom potatoes to introduce even more color and contrasting textures to your starch. If the yam is done, it will be soft. Most versatile vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked anyway you like. If you encounter any resistance, it's still hard & needs more cooking time. Return the tofu to the wok, and toss it to coat it with the sauce. We call them yams in New Zealand, but in other parts of the world these sweet winter tubers are called oca. Oca is a South American tuber with a lemony taste and pretty leaves. Below is a step by step guide on how can you freeze yams: How to Freeze Yams? Oca has been grown in the Andes for thousands of years. I was making a pork tenderloin the other afternoon and decided it would be the perfect protein to match with the little yams. I had seen them around for awhile but had not tried them. Cooked, they’re starchier and have a similar texture to cooked turnip or kohlrabi. Toss all ingredients together in a baking dish until yams are well coated. New season New Zealand yams are finally in store @toombulfruitmarket #yourlocalfruitshop #shoplocal #oca #newzealandyam #australiangrown . Serve with butter, salt, pepper and/or a little bit of brown sugar. Jan 7, 2018 - Known as the New Zealand Yam, Oca is an unusual member of the Oxalis family that has long been grown in the Andes for its nutritionally rich tubers with a tangy lemon flavour that becomes nuttier once cooked. Taste can vary, if too tarty for you place in sun to sweeten. Around this time of year you will begin to see them in lists from seed suppliers (although they are not grown from seed but from their tubers) and you might want to think about buying some to grow. How to grow Oca. When they’re raw, they have a fresh lemony … Enjoy my simple, easy, and healthy recipe for NZ yams! How to Grow Oca (New Zealand Yams) | Thompson & Morgan. You can get types that are any colour from a creamy pink right through to bright magenta and purple. They can be mashed and are useful in stir-fries. Known as the New Zealand Yam, Oca is an unusual member of the Oxalis family that has long been grown in the Andes for its nutritionally rich tubers with a tangy lemon flavour that becomes nuttier once cooked. Temperatures over 28 degrees cause plants to wilt - suitable for cooler climates. There is no need to invent new recipes for oca. Put them in the bowl with the leeks. It should finish cooking by then. Jan 28, 2016 - These mashed curry white sweet potatoes put the spud back on the "nice" list. When raw, they’re crunchy and many have a distinctive lemony kick. January 11, 2012 by Judie Choate and Loupe Digital. I’m on an interesting veggie roll – from puntarelle we go to baby red oca yams, also called New Zealand yams. Personally I like roasted. There were also printouts of a recipe for those who wanted ideas on making a meal with them. The Oca Yam is a small, red, waxy, crinkled tuber. Jun 15, 2017 - Known as the New Zealand Yam, Oca is an unusual member of the Oxalis family that has long been grown in the Andes for its nutritionally rich tubers with a tangy lemon flavour that becomes nuttier once cooked. Use edges, wild areas or containers if there isn’t room in your garden. Cook Oca until they are just tender as you like and put them in the bowl with the leeks and chicken. It also helps control pests and diseases by improving crop rotations. Stir-fried Chicken with Ham, Leeks and Oca over Steamed Mizuna. Oca is a small tuber that is as popular as the potato in the Andes but it does not suffer blight, so knowing how to grow oca is a great way of building a … A good starch choice for any roasted meat dish, in New Zealand they particularly enjoy oca with roasted lamb.

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