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Turbo CrawZ Jacks. There were big yabby holes all over the banks, so I thought this might be a good shape to offer up. A baitcaster allows you to free spool a soft plastic … The Prawnstar is the latest ‘must have’ item to be displayed on the trophy wall of every jack lair. IN this practical how-to video, expert mangrove jack fisho theJACKguide demonstrates how to go about extracting these red brawlers from structure on soft plastic lures. Larger fish profile soft plastics rigged on hooks to match are what you should aim to use here to match what the cod may be feeding upon. In fact, due to their preference for inhabiting warm waters, the further north you travel, the higher the concentrations of fish. It’s a little like the action of an ice jig (or Rauhala). By the time I drove down the four wheel drive track to Tom’s Creek, it was about 10.30 am. After a few casts I was on again, but after a short and furious fight I got half the yabby back with a bent jighead, but no fish. I had the fish subdued at my feet. Curl tail soft plastics are very versatile either casting into open water or fished hard up against structure. I fished on for about half an hour but could not find another fish so, at about noon, I gave up for the day. I am a mad keen fisherman - but I am also a seasick one. You may get a hit at any time, so fish the lure all the way back to the boat and don't lose concentration. Letting the lure sink amongst a tangle of submerged branches may sound crazy, but the Prawnstar is relatively snag-proof for a treble-rigged lure. Once I was watching a fellow angler land a fish while my Prawnstar was wafting around beneath the boat. It’s hard to beat working 20g soft vibes and 5” soft plastics off the bottom to get these fish to bite. I’ve found that you’ll often get a jack on the first cast, so be ready and make it good. My preferred Prawnstar colour is the very natural and clear ‘Honey-pot’, but it depends on the water clarity. 1) This mangrove jack was taken on a stickbait flipped into a heavy tangle of mangrove roots. Soft Plastics 101 is a library of chapters designed to break down soft plastics fishing to help anglers better understand the components, rigging and techniques that make soft plastics … One option that’s often overlooked is to rig the shad bodies on smaller jigheads – say, 1/16oz shad heads. In dark water, one of the fluoro hues can be a better choice. As water starts to flood across the sandflats, the flathead lie in wait in the slightly deeper depressions on the down-current side of ridges in the sand. The … 3) It’s great fun to fish heavy cover with Prawnstars for Bundaberg jacks. I started with a GULP Jerkshad in the Peppered Prawn colour. This enabled me to cast more accurately at the base of the mangroves, and helped the soft plastic get down in the water column faster. As such, mangrove jack should be treated with respect in the form of catch and release management or only taking one for a feed. In next month’s instalment Kim will discuss how to target bream, reefies, kingfish, surface-feeding pelagics and tarpon on soft plastics, as well as some productive ways to fish plastics at night. Inevitably I lost a couple more jigheads but when I finally put the soft plastic right up against the roots, something slammed it again. Scott Lyons of Southern Sydney Fishing Tours likes to fish the shallows between the weed and sand patches where the flathead like to lie in ambush. A straight retrieve with a steady winding of the reel handle and the rod tip held at 45 degrees will generally be successful in ‘swimming’ the grub or shad just off the bottom so that the flathead can have a good go at it. This reduces the risk of an exposed hook catching on a twig, or a loose swinging weight wrapping around a branch. Iluka – Frazers Reef/ Middle Bluff – 17 November 2020, Dead Whale – Shark Bay – Iluka – 6 November 2020, Sandon River estuary and Clarence River flats – 4/6 November 2020. Simply casting to the snag and retrieving the lure with a ‘rod tip upwards’ steady straight retrieve works well, as does `tea-bagging’ over a fine twig. On Thursday morning I drove down to Wreck Rock to fish through dawn. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’ve found the 1.5" grubs and 3" grubs to be ideal for flathead fishing when the lizards are settled amongst the weedbeds in very shallow water over yabby banks. For jacks, this range extends all the way down to the Victorian border on the east coast and for barra, down to the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane. Good places to vertically jig include deeper areas with gravely bottoms and/or structure on the seabed. To the Bush ‘n Beach … We’ve enjoyed results in these situations with a number of soft plastic styles, including curly tail shads, straight tail shads, split tail shads, T-tailed grubs and paddle tail shads. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-9323040735217768", Plenty of trevally in the sunshine coast rivers, Break out the sea gars: catching garfish for food and bait, A Beginner’s Guide to Northern Moreton Bay Pelagics. By catch like Trevally, Cod, Jew Fish and even the odd Barramundi (keep in mind … While these southern boundaries do produce fish on occasions, their numbers are nowhere near as prolific as the northern extremities. He insists that the action of a slow wind with sharp lifts of the rod tip works better than bait on flathead holding in deeper water. Well, when a fish inquisitively bumps a soft plastic, rather than getting a mouthful of a rigid material he gets a natural, more lifelike response. Mangrove jacks taken off the bottom often expel plenty of mud, indicating that they’ve scooped the lure up off the creek bed. Scott likes to use his sounder to find drop-offs where he can work his lure along the edge, and he prefers to fish in water around three to five metres deep when working lures around a sandy bottom. Plenty of info on how to catch mangrove jack ... Soft Plastics 101; Species Model Selection Guide; ... How to Catch Mangrove Jack on Lures. Gear for targeting these fish needs to be reasonable quality and I prefer a baitcaster rod and reel as it provides good control of the fish and lure. Mangrove Jack Lures For Sale – Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we have taken all the guesswork out of finding the best lures for mangrove jack and have put together a good selection below of the styles that should do the trick. Mangrove jack are too good to catch just once. Such a method has resulted in many successes on deepwater bream, and also on the squire at the mouth of the Brisbane River. I wanted to know what had bitten me off the day before. Once the lure is at the required depth, commence the retrieve with a few slow cranks of the reel handle, give the Prawnstar a flick with a gentle snap (lift) of the rod tip and pause. I released it and carried on casting. On lighter heads the double tails will glide. He then allows the lure to sink to the bottom before repeating the slow wind and lift movement. The Gold Coast is renowned for big mangrove jack and we commonly land jack in the 40-60cm range. All contents copyright © 2014 Fishing Monthly. Hitting the Jackpot. For decades US tackle stores have been devoting large amounts of wall space to soft plastics, for this simple reason: soft plastics catch heaps of fish! Jacks are known for maliciously attacking your bait and … ... Plastics, I have evolved a little, as I used to use the Zman Diesel MinnowZ and the SwimmerZ, but I didn’t like having to glue my plastic … When the hit happens, it happens quickly! Mangrove Jack Lures Australia. Scott emphasises that it doesn’t matter how far the lure comes off the bottom as long as you allow it to freefall back after every lift of the rod tip. It’s just like the ol’ Lipton’s Jiggler ad on TV – dangle the lure in the water and jiggle it around! Mangrove Jack Plastics … The best results I’ve seen have been when the lure is allowed to rest on the bottom and gently lifted just a centimetre or two. It was a great looking crimson coloured mangrove jack… In deeper water go for bigger 4” to 6” shads on heavier heads of 1/4oz to 1/2oz. Jack up to 50cm have been responding well to soft plastics, prawn imitation lures and soft … Mangrove jack are well and truly on the move in both the Kolan River and the Baffle Creek systems. A must-see for any keen lure fisher hoping to catch … If there is activity around mid-river and on/near the surface, you may choose to match the behaviour of a slowly swimming prawn by retrieving the lure back to the boat a foot or two below the surface. To book your private mangrove jack charter with us SMS 0432 990 302. 1) This mangrove jack was taken on a stickbait flipped into a heavy tangle of mangrove … I re-rigged using a heavier ¼ ounce, 1/0 hook jighead and the same 16lb fluorocarbon leader. The key to catching jacks during the day is to get your lure right in tight to their faces so they can't refuse … MANGROVE JACK (lutjanus argentimaculatus) is one of our most sought after species as they can grow to a very formidable size but more importantly have the reputation as being the … Use your sounder to find these spots. Robs Mangrove Jack. Often there are lots of underwater structures deep in the water column, like rock bars and timber. Bigger fish such as spangled perch and even baby bass are all high on the menu. Try deep jigging on a run-out tide in the deep channels beside sandbanks and mud flats, as this is where the lizards lie in wait for baitfish leaving the soon to be exposed shallows. I cast this around in the same area I had been fishing the day before. Tag Archives: catching mangrove jacks on soft plastics 1770 – Tom’s Creek – 4 December 2014. To tempt these fish as they lie nose into the current, I prefer to cast upcurrent and then work my soft plastic back with the flow. With two weights the lure sinks more quickly, and with one weight removed the Prawn has an erratic freefall that’s perfect for mid-water fish. I rigged up the light rod with relatively tough, 16lb fluorocarbon leader and a 1/6th ounce, 1/0 jighead. In water less than 1.5 metres deep and with good visibility, cast out a 2” to 3” shad on a 1/8oz to 1/4oz jighead, and gently hop your lure back to the boat with easy lifts of the rod tip. Burnett River. }); In the first instalment of this two-part feature, Kim discusses some techniques for using soft plastics around the subtropical estuaries and bays of Australia’s east coast. The first taker was a small grunter bream. As with all species, we have to fish for the future. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The sub-tropics are the focus of this feature, but in reality, you can’t travel too far north, but I’d put the southern limit of reliable mangrove jack … Smaller lures of 50mm or less will put you in with a chance on bream if you take a really subtle approach. In the past few years these lures have finally been proven on a wide variety of our Aussie species, and I recommend that you add the following scenarios to your databank and give them a try on your own patch. Using 20-30lb leaders is a lot easier in low light as fish aren’t as line shy and you’ll find mangrove jack … If the strike zone is small and tight, after about two hops, retrieve the lure back to the boat and cast it in the snag again. This is just some basic tips I have been taught, learnt and watch others do to become successful at landing that elusive Mangrove Jack. What gear you need to target and catch Mangrove Jack… I personally like to run a 7ft rod around 3kg to 7kg. My rod doubled over, catching me by surprise, and the line sizzled from the reel. 25. Also work structure such as fallen timber and bankside trees – anything that holds bait or causes eddies. Pause the lure after it bumps and then clears an underwater object to let it flutter down to induce a strike. 2. The fast running current helped me get the fish away from the rocks. Surface frogging … Mangrove Jack. Cast out and freespool your lure to the bottom, and aggressively snap the rod tip upwards – pulling back sharply a couple of times to hop the lure off the bottom. When I arrived the wind and swell was up and the tide was higher than I had expected. But if you can’t get any livies they will eat strips of mullet, Mangrove Jack will respond to prawn soft plastics worked deep in the structure as … A basic hop or jigging action has proved dynamite for me on many occasions. Using an ultra-light spin rod and reel will give you control to stay in contact with the soft plastic. While being referred to as ‘northern species’ both barra and jacks have quite large distribution zones. 2) Fishing guide Scott Lyons caught this flathead on a shad worked around the shallow sand and weed flats of Botany Bay. SOFT plastics are the lure of the moment for catching a variety of estuarine species. This is the time when you’re likely to get a strike. The sink rate depends on the number of removable weights in the Prawn. Scott’s best results have come when using a weighted soft plastic with a slow wind retrieve followed by a sharp lift of the rod tip. With a reel size between 2500 to 4000. And if the fish doesn’t hook up on the first bite, he’s more likely to have a second chomp on a soft plastic. Another option, similar to the first one, is to locate a good area with your sounder and then use an electric motor to hold your position while you vertically ‘yo-yo’ your lure near to or onto the bottom. This lure is rigged with two underbelly weights and two trebles, but you may prefer to upgrade the rear hook to a chemically-sharpened treble to give the lure extra ‘pinning’ power. With the warmer weather starting up the fishing is starting to get very exciting! Next, slowly retrieve the Prawn and stay in contact with it so that you can feel the lure ticking the bottom. I re-rigged with another ¼ ounce jighead, but I had no more Mantis Shrimp soft plastics, so I went back to a Jerkshad – this time in the Pearl Watermelon colour. You can do this by just turning the reel handle at a cautious pace. " Repeat this technique until the lure is out of the strike zone. The tide was about half way out and was running quickly. When using the straight retrieve, cast in and slowly walk the plastic through the tangle of twigs and branches if the opportunity offers itself. Jacks are also particularly receptive to soft vibe style lures that are worked along the edges of mangrove habitat and over rock bars. So why are these lures taking the Aussie angling scene by storm? The following are some good techniques for working the bottom for flathead and other species. In next month’s instalment Kim will discuss how to target bream, reefies, kingfish, surface-feeding pelagics and tarpon on soft plastics, as well as some productive ways to fish plastics at night. It's important to fan casts along the bank, covering water and concentrating on fishy-looking areas. Mangrove jack, or red dogs as some people like to call them, are the most popular sports fish on the market. This allows anglers to productively fish the cover where predators are waiting in ambush. For more info on skip casting and the best approaches for Mangrove Jacks make sure you SUBSCRIBE, check out my latest videos and lure reviews! Many snag dwellers can be taken on soft plastics. So, if you’re ke… The likelihood of maintaining the fish’s interest is even greater if the soft plastic is salt- or scent-impregnated. Prime colours seem to be brown pumpkin, and the latest craze is hot pink T-tails. Re: Soft Plastics- Mangrove Jack Sticky weight is a form of weight additive you can mould and add to the bib of your lure (underside) or wherever else you see fit to hold the lure (suspend) in the … A tropical species, jacks extend as far south as Sydney and are a relatively common catch … Scott explained that the angler who pioneered this retrieve for lizards spent a lot of time underwater watching the behaviour of the fish while his kids jigged soft plastics from the boat above. You can’t go past small to medium-sized live baits like mullet or gar. I tried to pull it out but the rod did not have the power and with the aid of the current the fish slipped into the rock bar and that’s where I left the jighead. Lure fisho’s have also been doing well tempting some top quality fish on a mixture of 3” to 4” soft plastics and hard body lures. By jigging soft plastics shads on and just off the bottom around man-made structures such as channel markers (often where deep holes are created), you can regularly catch grunter, fingermark, queenfish, trevally, squire and many others. All have worked well, whether rigged on lead-heads tied with a loop knot, Texas rigged or ‘Texposed’ (rigged with the hook point exposed for open country). These snags … enable_page_level_ads: true Such water is difficult (if not impossible) to troll through without spooking these wary predators, as well as having your lures foul with weed. My favourite snags are the ones out in the middle of the river that have washed down in previous floods and become wedged on the bottom. If you’re not impressed with the tails fouling on the hook you can go for a heavier grade of plastic or some of the designs that have tails of different lengths. In such a heavy structure situation, it’s recommended to Texas rig (hook point hidden inside the plastic) your soft plastic and peg the weight. One option is to jig heavy-headed double rubber tails below the boat as you drift along. Here are some tips and links to help you catch your first or biggest jack on bait if you haven’t had much luck. Kayden Stoddart with a mangrove jack. I used the same technique as previously. Jacks will scoop up the lifelike lure, just like the real thing. Favourite baits You can’t go past small to medium-sized live baits like mullet or gar. Fact box: Where jack lives Mangrove jacks are members of the Lutjanid family, which also includes red emperor, golden snapper, moses perch, large mouth nannygai and red bass amongst many other species. Some of the mangrove jacks favourite hang outs include fallen trees, undercut ledges, rock walls and pontoons. I prefer quality skinny shads rather than the generic pot-bellied product when body action is required. Mangrove Jack – Tackle Tactics – Want to hook up with the bully of the estuaries? While such a light head may not be heavy enough to give the lure its tail throbbing action during freefall, the torso of the bait will shimmy from side to side. I stopped in town for a quick breakfast and decided to go back to Tom’s Creek. I swapped to a GULP Mantis Shrimp in the Peppered Prawn colour. But if you can’t get any livies they will eat strips of mullet, Mangrove Jack will respond to prawn soft plastics worked deep … I was casting at the base of the mangrove roots on the far bank. Place a pilchard cube onto a hook and drift it into the mix on unweighted rigs. It was a great looking crimson coloured mangrove jack. Unbeknownst to me, the lure had enticed a big bruiser from the snags to come out and investigate. Cracker Jacks. Soft Plastics 101. But if you can’t get any livies they will eat strips of mullet, Mangrove Jack will respond to prawn soft plastics worked deep in the structure as well. One way to fish the simple-to-use Prawnstar is to cast out to the snags – paying particular attention to fallen trees, shady spots, deeper holes and forks in submerged branches – and let the lure sink momentarily. When using soft plastics amongst the weeds, my favourite colours include motor oil during sunny days when the water is clear, and pearl/white in the low light of early morning and late afternoon. Unfortunately, that fish found his way back to the snags. It was now just after 11.00 am. Just a few casts later, a solid fish grabbed it. To fish these structures, let the lure sink all the way to the bottom. It put in a few more determined runs but after a few minutes, I had the fish subdued at my feet. This time I had the drag tight and I pulled hard straight away. After a brief pause of up to a few seconds, recommence the retrieve. So I fish the estuaries, beaches, rocks, bays and rivers of the Queensland and NSW coast - from the shore. I like to fish with soft plastics lures, but I will resort to anything to catch dinner! Sometimes you can even let your Prawn lay on the bottom. There’s already been a couple of barra and mangrove jack … Another productive way to catch Mangrove Jack is to anchor up next to a substantial snag and berley-up with cubes of pilchards. Obviously, you won’t catch a jack unless there’s a jack to be caught, so the trick is to know where to look. As the lure bounces across the wavy sand ridges I pause the retrieve to let the lure tumble around in the agitated water before recommencing the retrieve. This is a similar rod action to jerkbaiting on the surface over shallow reefs for snapper. Scott Lyons also likes to fish the deeper water for flathead. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This active retrieve is also a viable option for dirty water. Fingermark will often stay on the bite for longer, especially with plastics. Spots worth a look Local knowledge and use of high quality sounders helps paint the picture. So you want to catch a Mangrove Jack? Lure Selection When it comes to soft plastic selection for mangrove jack, there is no doubt that paddle tail plastics dominate the catch rate and it's no surprise with mullet, herring and other baitfish at the top of the menu … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ These fish are more likely to be found at night using bigger paddle tail soft plastics, soft vibes like the Zerek fish trap and of course live bait.

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