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It is also ideal for you who have just invested in a few surf lessons in the water – and had a ton of fun. Catch Surf: The pioneers of the modern soft board? One of those shapers, Gerard Dabbadie, understood and believed in the idea of making surfing accessible to everyone as well as the fact that each of his original shapes would be built exactly as intended, in each board that came out of the mold. For a higher level of lightweight performance the epoxy ACE-TEC range delivers with proven shapes and much higher durability than other epoxy boards on the market. BIC Paint Surfboard Review Click Here to Check Price Light, durable and fun! BORNEO REF. What I really liked about the board was the foam distribution from the tail to the tip. Hei! サーフィン 初心者 ファンボード 18 BIC(ビック) ソフトボード 8’0 G-Board Evo フィン付き 価格57,200円(税込) サーフィン 初心者 BIC ビック ソフトボード 6’6 PAINT MAXI SHORTBOARD ファンボード FIN付き 価格41,800円(税込) 8'4" Magnum REF. The foam boards are wide, buoyant and durable, perfect for a beginner who is learning how to take care of a surfboard … The boards are reinforced with fiberglass and epoxy resin to make them strong and longer-lasting than many typical soft tops. The Bic Paint Mini Shortboard is a great option for kids or smaller adult learners and ideal as a first shortboard. Bic Sport Paddle Board Review. No worries about being stuck on the beach because of a dinged or broken board – surf worry-free and maximize your time in the water! It’s still a soft top, but it’s much shorter than your average foam board and is designed more as a way for young kids to learn or for more advanced surfers of all ages to have a fun board to take out and shred weak summer waves. The graphic is a bright splash of orange and red “paint” over a light blue deck. The new PAINT Softboard range have been updated with the shapes of the 7’0 and 8’0 Paint boards, now called the Magnum and the Super Magnum, adding width and thickness while keeping a performance outline and bottom shape. The 2016 Monitors Challenge saw surf instructors from across southwest France battling each other while all riding the same DURA-TEC 7’0 Egg model, a highly versatile board for progressive surfing. 7 Reasons for An Artificial Surf Wavegarden in Vancouver, Canada, Picture of the day: Yassine Belhouari | Safi, Morocco. BIC: Yes, this is the same company that makes the ubiquitous lighter, they however have an amazing lineup of beginner and intermediate surfboards. At only 8’0″ but packing 98L of volume this board will catch waves with ease including small gutless waves but provides versatility in different types of waves. If you’re relatively new to surfing and looking to master your skills in a safe way, a soft top surfboard is going to be your best bet. It is also ideal for you who have just invested in a few surf lessons in the water – and had a ton of fun. Comfortable to use with its soft and durable finish, it is what BIC aimed to when this was designed. He designed most models in the BIC Surfboard range, including the legendary 7’9 and 7’3 models, both of which have seen more than 100,000 units produced and shipped from the production facility in Vannes, Brittany. So I knew I was going to have to put my ego aside a get a board that I would be able to catch waves with. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from … BIC SPORT(ビックスポーツ)ブランド紹介 BicSportはボールペンやライターで有名なグローバル企業Bicのスポーツ部門として1979年に設立されました。 創業者のBic氏は世界最高峰の外洋ヨットレースアメリカズカップにも出場したオーシャニストでした。 Just like the Soft Top Surfboard + Bag Package series, it has different variations for both kids and adults of different shapes and sizes. BIC Sport DURA-TEC Mini-Nose Rider Wahine Surfboard, 7'6" x 22.25" x 2.9" x 62 Large, White/Pink If you are thinking about getting a BIC surfboard for yourself or as a gift / present for a potential surfer – go with our blessings. ©2020 Get Foamie | hello@getfoamie.com | getfoamie.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Before I had even ridden it, I liked the shape of this board. 100093. !” – Eric “Surf Dawg”. This discipline has seen a record increase in numbers in 2016, with more than 100 young surfers turning up at each of the three BIC KID event stops. Bic 6’7 Surfboard Review Take a look at the all new Bic Surfboards 6’7 shortboard. In order to design a full range of molded boards Bic Surfboards partnered with some of the best board shapers in the industry. This innovative idea opened the sport to many new surfers by offering a winning mix … Learning to surf and fast progression. Bic Surfboard 8'4 Magnum - Padded Comes with a free leash and wax. Easy paddling, stable board and good handling which allows you to practise bottom turns. The extra length and being wider and thicker, the Bic Paint 6’6″ Maxi Shortboard will easily float an adult learner as well as kids and provides sufficient float and stability which makes it easier and more forgiving for a learner. A common mistake many do, is choosing a surfboard they can’t handle. So I took a chance on this board and I could not be more happier. This experience in shaping teamed together with Bics understanding of high quality durable construction means that Bic Surfboards not only surf really well but they last. BIC Sports is an exceptional surfboard brand especially for beginners and intermediate riders. Bic surfboards start there lives being developed and copied from an original blank designed by a world renowned surfboard shaper. The BIC Ace-TEC 10'6" Performer is a very stable and easy to use SUP. These new boards fulfill a simple mission: make surfing accessible and fun for everyone while maintaining solid performance for enthusiast surfers. Your email address will not be published. Stormblade is another trusted surfboard company that makes excellent foam boards. Lastly, if you would like to submit your own soft top surfboard review, of any foamie brand – you can do so here! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With properly designed rocker profiles and performance soft fins PAINT boards aren’t just for beginners, they’re fun for experienced surfers as well. BIC Magnum 7'0" Surfboard Review . My first preowned surfboard BIC’s Paint series was designed to perform and turn small waves into shred-able wave parts for advanced riders while providing a stable platform for first-timers too. The durable plastic construction keeps the BIC Sport ACE-TEC surfboards from serious damages like scuffs, scrapes, and scratches. contact-bic@bicsport.com +33 (0)2 97 43 75 00 Change country. The Rock-It 6’ BABY JESÚS is a performance soft top with a rounded tail and removable thruster tri fin setup. Ian reviews the Bic DURA-TEC Magnum 8ft 4 Surfboard: https://www.boardshop.co.uk/brands/bic-surfboards?size=947 The Bic DURA-TEC 8ft 4 Magnum surfboard … BIC Sport 45,024 views. High volume and width for excellent stability when catching waves and standing up easily right from the start. Long term durability for years of reliable use, even when used in a surf school environment. It was so much fun to ride I wish I would have gotten it sooner. This board would suit a larger surfer/learner but may be a bit big and hard to handle for lighter and younger children. I`m 51 years old and in good shape but I knew if I got a board that was too short it would be much harder to even catch a wave. This is perhaps the most versatile of the DURA-TEC range. Offering riders a fast learning curve, its mid-range length keeps it loose and fun in a wide range of surf conditions. With 50 liters of volume, it’s a highly buoyant wave catching machine and great first shortboard for júnior, but as soon as it’s double-over knee high Mom and Dad can rise from the dead to paddle out and show the kids how it’s done! 8’0 Super Magnum. 3.Bicの丈夫な製法はボードの取り扱いに不慣れなビギナーにはありがたい。 *Bic 6'7"には、サーフィンの基本を身につけることができる要素がちゃんと備わっていますね。 BIC SPORT(ビックスポーツ) … NSP or Torq surfboard, which to choose? Bic surfboards are the most economical way of getting off a soft surfboard or foamie as they are also known, and on to a hard surfboard. An in-depth hand tested review of the Sic Maui Dark Horse soft board hybrid 5'8". The Magnum has more width than the shorter Paint boards but it is actually not as thick. BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard is more than just a beginner’s surfboard. This experience in shaping teamed together with Bics understanding of high quality durable construction means that Bic Surfboards not only surf really well but they last. A perennial favourite in the Bic Dura-Tec range, the 7ft 9 Malibu or Natural Surf 2 brings “big board” stability and wave catching in a more manageable package for the smaller lighter weight surfer. This effort culminated in the Longboard Challenge, an international caliber competition open to all professional surfers. ... Bic are not really de facto ‘the best ‘ mals – there are performance mals made by many other shapers. Not only does this take the fun out of surfing, but it is also extremely likely to halt any progress. To meet the needs of particularly surf clubs and schools, or learners and families looking for the safest possible start to surfing, the G-Boards EVO range of soft boards focuses on several clear performance criterias: Short and wide boards, with good volume and a relatively flat deck, offer the most stable platform for your first take offs. • The latest arrival in the BIC Windsurf range, the SUP WIND, is the missing-link between Windsurf and SUP, the must-do new board sport. Bic Dura-Tec Surfboard Review Posted by Sam Harbour, 10 Feb 2016. The Bic DURA-TEC Mini Mal surfboard has been treated to a new graphics package for the new summer season. Willi. (A helpful guide for beginners). Reviews 6 years ago 9,457 views.

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