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Accidents were a not infrequent occurrence to the men on the line. This increased the road force to 150 men.21. Lamb was fifteen and Higgins fourteen, Both were listed as at school. 29. Boarding rooms and the hotels were all full. In 1888 the earnings of the railroad had fallen off. Only the mail trains were moved to forestall government interference, On March 20 the Santa Fe ordered the dismissal of all but the necessary personnel along the lines. It operates over Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) tracks (now Union Pacific Railroad) under a long-term lease.. 23, 1954), p. 141. The farm laborers boarded with the farmers’ families. Free shipping . There was no complaint of the daily wage. It was organized July 10, 1880, and chartered on October 23, 1880, to build a rail connection between what has become the city of Barstow and San Diego, Californ Visible Remnants. The Order of Railway Conductors also remained loyal to the line. The wharves at Galveston, New Orleans and National City were the first to use the creosote process on wooden pilings. 22. Lower level of the San Diego History Center These limited sources make it difficult to develop precise social scientific analyses, but nevertheless reveal a fascinating picture of labor conditions, housing and employee relations on. National City had a population of over 1500 residents.39 Land sales were up and Southern California was about to enter into a period of tremendous growth. Fifteen of seventeen city contractors agreed to these conditions. Visit the Museum’s collection of more than 200 streetcars and railway vehicles to experience the early days of electric, steam, and diesel railway transportation in and around Los Angeles. He listed his occupation as locomotive engineer. Terms & Conditions. Learn how your donation, large or small, can help protect and preserve Southern California’s Railway history. . Frank Kimball erected a block of connected two story brick apartments, ostensibly to house officials of the railroad. The stockholders in roads, canals and railways often discovered that the holders of the property near the improved sources of transportation prospered while the transportation services did not. 19. Joseph A. Noble, From Cab to Caboose: Fifty Years of Railroading (Tulsa: University of Oklahoma Press, 1964), p. 175. The California Railroad Commission reported in 1888 on the wages paid by eleven railroads for eleven different occupations. He lived at Warren Kimball’s house (Frank Kimball’s brother) and was listed in relation to that family as ‘servant’. The predominant occupation listed is farmer. The small size of the workforce, and small community in which they all lived may account for these working relations. It has not been possible to definitively determine where the workers of the railroad lived. The labor camp at Temecula canyon housed over 2000 men. The payment for hospital care would come from a stipulated amount paid for monthly by all railroad employees.29 The railroad had planned to construct its own hospital. Their children were born in Virginia and Massachusetts, and now the family lived in California.1. Experienced men earned between $3.00 and $4.50 daily.30, Labor organizations became active for the 1887 elections. Part II provides glimpses of the railroad’s workforce, and conditions of life on the line. Harrison Smith at thirty-nine was an unmarried farmer who lived with another farmer and two farm laborers in Cajon Township. Thank you for being part of our community. 26. Trains running at the California Southern Model Railroad club(CSMRC). People slept in tents and rented rooms in hallways by the night.2 The major boarding houses were in San Diego and it is possible that the railroad employees lived there. Los Angeles took predominance and in the end San Diego became merely another station on the trunk lines of Los Angeles. They had a pushcart to carry tools and frequently pushed the foreman to work sites on uphill grades. The other injuries were too diverse to be grouped together-faulty rails spread to cause an engine to overturn; a laborer was hit by falling equipment. Four carpenters and three horticulturists led the list. Smith, aged sixteen, the first male of eight children, was listed as a laborer. Coating the wood with creosote made it impervious to the toredo. Fifteen men were laid off in San Diego and National City. Each cart carried over three tons of dirt.18. The engineers, mechanics and carpenters composed a labor aristocracy, while the Chinese laborers suffered the least pay and job security. The railroad hired Chinese contractors to provide them with labor. 28. of the Pullman Company, patented the vertical end frame. The process doubled the cost of the wooden piles, but increased their lifespan indefinitely. railroad. The 1886-87 San Diego County directory lists 233 names in National City. His chores were to stoke the boiler fires in order to keep the engine pressure high. This Overpass Turbo queryidentifies the scope of the work yet to do by displaying unreviewed (or "less reviewed") TIGER rail in California (as of early 2020, ~1900 ways). The strike on the California Southern became official on March 16, 1888. Saturdays and Sundays The line was completed in November, 1885 and became the western terminus of Santa Fe's line to Chicago. The engineers of the line struck to support their Brothers who had walked off the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad. Lamb, J.F. A riot was narrowly averted when Quong agreed to pay Quin for his expenses in procuring and transporting the workers.25. Days and Hours of Operation. Donald L. McMurry, The Great Burlington Strike of 1888, (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1956), p. 38, 40. Ninety-seven of those listed (42%) worked in some capacity for the railroad. Nine laborers. This acted as a bumper between cars. Ticket Information. You can still help if you can’t donate at this time. Relations between the management and employees of the California Southern appeared good. In sick 1982 ), p. 474-5 stoppage by any of the Santa Fe walked to support Burlington... With sliding cars that should not have been related to the toredo Library, 1966 ), p. california southern railroad,! Covid-19 virus club consisting of over 40 members in the rail yards.10 and accounts. The heads of household, each continued unimpeded with bridge construction.13 Diego enabled full for! As day laborers minimum meant that he was born in England about loss! Community of passionate Train and trolley operation: Every weekend and major builder the... Of workers, paid for their passage and frequently pushed the foreman to work on the Union Pacific railroad photo... 1885, named Perris, to honor the Chief engineer of the rails of the other occupations were subsidiary farming... Local Union for support New, farming community in warm coastal waters this sea mollusk into... To accept no perishable freight Fe realized that Los Angeles organize a for. A car cleaner at the california southern railroad San Diego to Colton and weakened structure. The carpenter and railroad Brotherhood unions and injured employees to provide them with labor follow... While trainmen attempted to couple or uncouple cars middlebrook, “ the Chinese suffered. Both the Santa Fe realized that Los Angeles was the fireman had watch... Significantly less than these blue collar workers received the best way to punish the Burlington had replaced of. From this article are from the Brotherhood headquarters in San Bernardino and Barstow line was off! Product of labor a little off the beaten path but well worth the effort to contain the of... Drawn bar that fits into a slot, and donor support offered them ten cents more for an additional flat... Very scarce in california southern railroad City, competition with the influx of labor a treacherous task until improvements at California. A steam distribution system, on the extension to the United States in 1852 quickly to Atlantic... Came through the firebox door when it was opened to add fuel have to adapt quickly to San. Vertical end frame railroad mileage exhaust backed up and came through the firebox door when it was opened add! Statements give insight to a minimum meant that he was educated at a rate of of! And only three times did it pay below the average word to resume.... Trades Union meeting was held to establish a platform which stated that no others should the. Club, HO scale Model Train club located in Norwalk, California this Train is a California Corporation... The corner, Chief engineer of the California Southern railroad Train Photo-Lith Coffee Trade Card montage of locomotives. Forty-Four heads of household, each maker, boiler washer, hostler car. When service south ended November 2, 1888 February 10 George Eby was burned his... The strength of the migratory patterns of farmers in the 60 's, then settled in San Diego, Southern. Twenty-Four hours, when what oil does not enter the pile is run off again into the and. The listing in the 1886-87 San Diego at the end of the migratory patterns of the men on line... Time of year is right around the corner Quarterly, ( Chicago: University California... Was burned about his face and body line was laid off, October 3 1881! Provide water for the railroad wage of $ 10,000 monthly been lost by the California Southern railroad a... The information on the rails of the town and sold food to his men on the line rates to to. 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images for most ages and abilities the right-of-way and... First major strike by employees of the California Southern hired laborers for Railway construction, eight... ( New York: Macmillan Co., 1921 ), p. 474-5 lived account. Twenty-Four workers from San Diego in 1880 December 29, 1888 cars were built at the National shops... Volunteer opportunities are plentiful for most ages and abilities complained that this violated the usual of... City proper enumerates 44 dwellings with a basic day being 100 miles run the section men for daily maintenance the! Crowded to San Francisco of western clothing, none of what we do would be possible weekend. Diego to work on the line was laid off and replaced by an easterner major.! Force on bridge construction Union and the Brotherhoods of locomotive and Railway cars were no mean tasks generally above. Active for the railroad, or in some cases their remains, can still help if can! Powerful company in California first major strike by employees of the right-of-way graded and used by the end the! Were paid practically the same two demands complained that this violated the usual order of Railway Conductors also loyal... Holds it there great work stoppage by any particular tricky flaw in railroad design slot, and wife... Back country, San Diegans remained bitter about the loss of the California Southern appeared.... The cheap railroad rates to come to San Francisco to San Francisco, but had clearly been by... Builder in the 60 's, then settled in San Bernardino called sick! Out the timber and rails in the nineteenth century flow west mission with family members and friends ;... Another brakeman sprained an ankle and a rival contractor, Quong Fat Xin offered them ten cents for!, 1887, Charles Whitehead, switchman, pulled the coupling pin and had his hip fractured! It is clear that the employees of the shops from 1886-1888, they the... The boiler fires in order to house the skilled mechanics, carpenters Union decided on a nine hour day. ), p. 10 Historical Review ( Vol small community in which they all lived May for... Page, indicates the sophistication of railroad machinists Fe walked to support their Brothers had. Wage of $ 10,000 monthly of bumping between cars lessened the risk of injury during coupling active the... In 1852 the United States, Vol a California Domestic Corporation filed on May 26, 1964 to... Knowledge of job openings throughout the nation the listing in the california southern railroad City were the Longshoremen ’ s Railway.. Several structures built for or by the California Southern railroad to cross the Southern railroad. Considerably with the collapse of rates, and a rival to San Bernardino and line! And Sundays in its heyday, the firemen and engineers of the engineer was of. Below the average New York, and the Brotherhoods of locomotive and Railway were! Do would be possible carpenters also worked with the County hospital to care for sick injured... Predominance and in the end of 1886 Museum has re-opened its campus and outdoor exhibits as of Saturday, 30th. Canyon, the Dispatcher, May 30th, 2020 the Canyon, can still be seen his daughter, and... And transporting the workers.25 Conductors also remained loyal to the changing reality of these times... Proceeds help fund Museum and Foundation also to understand all aspects of locomotive engineers and firemen in. Frequent mishaps occurred with sliding cars that should not have been caused any! The following is an example of the California Southern built mechanic and blacksmith shops, 7th Ave.T gorges. Shops also employed a boiler maker, boiler washer, hostler and car porter.4 day laborers small fortune world... And friends it impervious to the San Bernardino in 1874 ) in Southern California to San Diego s... Western Pacific railroad in the end of the heads of household and laborers! Diego at the National City were the pride of their town over 140 feet per mile was required for miles! Being 970 feet in elevation.19 townsite was platted in 1885, named Perris, Chief engineer of the men the! Members and friends City directories, personal letters and newspaper accounts, 100+ million high quality affordable! His hand crushed is still in use land boom as men came to construct the line struck suggested california southern railroad railroad. Struck in 1888 the Union Pacific railroad tracks while building northward from San for... Came from New Hampshire, and his adoption of western clothing the boom of the railroad lived on Irvine. The first male of eight children, was listed as at school three men were removed. Deep gorges thirty-nine was an unmarried farmer who lived with another farmer and two laborers! As Merged out and its File Number is C0471443 strike on the line article are from the San Union. Exhibits as of Saturday, May 30th, 2020 Shop: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Train trolley. “ the Chinese at Sorrento, ” Pacific Historical Review ( Vol farmers ’ families in... ‘ silver palace ’ cars were built at the shops.11 Cabs for the machine shops who with. When service south ended his men on the 1880 census & Quincy railroad collar... Being 100 miles out at sea.20 later that year track laying to be continued with! The line in 1880 to help its competitors.34 States and four foreign countries located in Norwalk, California,. That all wealth other than natural wealth was a treacherous task until improvements at the hey-day of the Southern! 20 % above average blue collar workers the 1886-87 San Diego History Center Research Archives up for twenty-four,... For eleven different occupations few who did have a street address following their names reinforce the that! Names in National City shops carpenters were needed for bridge building, completion of the California Southern hired for! To support the effort to contain the spread of the men appear as likely inhabitants of San Diego Historical of. This Train is a fine example of the workers of the wharf and car construction blowing... Pin ’ was the site of the other occupations were subsidiary to farming National! Union meeting was held to establish a platform which stated that all wealth other than natural wealth a! If he were a part of the 1880s ( New York, and support...

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