19th century railroad map

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), Another important printing process, cerography or wax engraving, was introduced in America by Sidney Edwards Morse, whose father Jedidiah Morse published in 1784 the first geography book in the United States, Geography Made Easy. Five selected routes, roughly following specific parallels, were to be surveyed by parties under the supervision of the Topographical Corps. Located on the map are routes of the Columbia Railroad in Pennsylvania and the B & O in Maryland. Original hand color. (See entry 346.) Part of the appropriation under this act for the succeeding year, however, was used for "Examinations and surveys to ascertain the practicability of uniting the headwaters of the Kanawha with the James river and the Roanoke river, by Canals or Rail-Roads. A collection of mainly 19th century maps of almost 150 cities, towns, and villages in the Republic of Ireland. It shows county boundaries, all railroad junctions, and all railroads identified by hand-applied colors. The various friendly interests must be shown to best advantage, and the rival interests disposed of in a manner that 'no fellow can find out.' 16 Ristow, "Lithography and Maps, 1796-1850," p. 49. These large-scale, hand-drawn maps were designed toward the end of the century by Frank H. Galbraith, an enterprising Chicago railway mail clerk. The southern territories were a series of branches and through routes constructed by several small roads during the mid-19th century, such as the the Camden & Atlantic and West Jersey Railroad. Scale ca. 3 Daniel J. Boorstin, The Americans (New York: Random House, 1965), p. 18. Today separately published maps of individual consolidated systems and small-scale maps printed in timetables and atlases, such as Rand McNally's Handy Railroad Atlas of the United States (Chicago, 1973), continue to reflect the influence of mapping and printing styles developed in the 19th century. The maps presented here are a selection from the Geography and Map Division holdings, based on the popular cartobibliography, Railroad Maps of the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography of Original 19th-century Maps in the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress, compiled by Andrew M. Modelski (Washington: Library of Congress, 1975). Newberry Library, Chicago, Center for the History of Cartography, November 3, 1972.). For the little Santa Cruz Railroad itself - as for many smaller railroads built in the late 19th century - its story was briefer. These separately issued maps were sold to a huge population of Americans on the move. 585-90. Westward expansion and the growth of the United States during the 19th century sparked a need for a better transportation infrastructure. Cheffin's lithographic map of the same line at a larger scale and J.R. Jobbins' lithographic maps of England and Wales and of the London and Southampton Railway. The perfect clearness with which these maps are shown to be printed is a guarantee of the class of work turned out.33, Rand McNally's output in the late 19th century rivaled the volume of maps, guides, illustrated timetables, and atlases produced by Colton. Maps became readily available to the public in quantity and at low prices mainly because of the great advances in 19th-century printing techniques. The map, published in 1859, is accompanied by a seven-page booklet which describes the Overland Mail Route. Matthews-Northrup and Company also utilized this method for printing their numerous railroad maps. Because of the accelerating flow of new information, Warren recognized, in his Memoir to Accompany the Map, the difficulty of keeping such a map up to date. The maps shown are a tiny subset of all the European transportation maps produced in the 19th century. Under the provisions of the Army Appropriation Act of March 1853, Secretary of War Jefferson Davis was directed to survey possible routes to the Pacific. In 1860 he approached Leland Stanford, Collis P. Huntington, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker, leading Sacramento merchants, and soon convinced them that building a transcontinental line would make them rich and famous. This information includes a complete list of railroads in the United States, total mileage, distance table, and freight and passenger service to each state or city. This is a must have collection for any 19th century American railroad buff. Two years after the successful launching of Lake County 's first rail line, the St. Johns and Lake Eustis Railroad Co. in 1879, a group of entrepreneurs thought … In the Middle West interest in building railroads was strong, and many lines were mapped and subsequently constructed to connect the leading centers of commerce. This annotated list reveals the scope of the railroad map collection and highlights the development of railroad mapping in 19th-century America. "All the maps," Poor wrote, "are drawn and engraved under the supervision of G. Woolworth Colton, Esq., whose diligence, accuracy and extensive information are sufficient guarantee for their correctness. No map is appended to the report, but in the Geography and Map Division there is a "Map and Profile of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad with its Warrenton Branch and a Portion of the Manassas Gap Railroad," which was drawn by August Faul and printed about 1854 by Ackerman Lithography of New York. There are in the collections of the Library of Congress thousands of American railroad maps as well as numerous general maps showing railroad routes as part of the transportation network. 14 Henry Schenck Tanner, Memoir on the Recent Surveys, Observations, and Internal Improvements, in the United States... (Philadelphia: Published by the Author, 1829), p. 19. The industrial and commercial depression and the panic of 1837 slowed railroad construction. Others resemble contemporary strip road maps and show only a ribbon of land immediately adjacent to a specific railroad right-of-way. New York: G.W. & H.W. and C.B. (See entry 86.) 5 Thurman W. Van Metre Transportation in the United States (Brooklyn: Foundation Press, 1950), p. 31. The Railroad maps represent an important historical record, illustrating the growth of travel and settlement as well as the development of industry and agriculture in the United States. ; date from end of article. The inspiration for this atlas came from my own historical research. It was not until the Boston and Lowell Railroad diverted traffic from the Middlesex Canal that the success of the new mode of transportation was assured. A beautifully executed commercial guide map which drew upon the Pacific railroad surveys is entitled "Map of the United States West of the Mississippi Showing the Routes to Pike's Peak, Overland Mail Route to California and Pacific Rail Road Surveys." (See entry 215.). The several editions of the map, which covers the country from the east coast to the 105th meridian of longitude, are entitled "Rand McNally & Co's New Railroad junction Point and County Map of the Eastern & Middle States Prepared from Latest Government Surveys, and Verified by the Working Time Tables of the Various Railroads. 18th and Early 19th Century Mapping of Wales. Sometimes called the 35th parallel road, this railroad was created by an Act of Congress, approved July 27, 1866. 1:193,000. There are specific 19th century volumes for the DL&W (Taber), the Reading (Holton), Central Vermont (Jones). The "Map of Franklin County, Arkansas; Showing the Land Grant of the Little Rock & Fort Smith Railway," published in 1893, shows how much land was still owned by one railroad in one county some 20 years after the era of land grants. A.D. Mackay and E. French in 1831 and Lts. The Railroad Act of 1862 put government support behind the transcontinental railroad and helped create the Union Pacific Railroad (see entry 588), which subsequently joined with the Central Pacific at Promontory, Utah, on May 10, 1869, and signaled the linking of the continent. The map was published to accompany the "Documents concerning Winchester and Potomac Railroad," 24th Congress, 2d Session, House Document 465. The document was created as a result of a Colorado State Historical Fund grant awarded to Colorado State Parks for the purpose of preparing a historic context that would assist in evaluation and planning efforts related to railroad abandonments and potential rails-to-trails conversions. Nineteenth-century railroad maps occupy a pivotal, transformative place in the history of North American transportation and travel cartography, not unlike the railroads they mapped. Most are Town Plans which were surveyed at either five or ten foot to one mile scale between 1837 and 1896. Welcome to Rail Map online. Victorian Railway Maps 1860 - 2000. At the end of the 19th century it had further cemented its power here by acquiring two additional properties, the New York & Northern and the New York, Buffalo & West Shore. By the use of specially prepared paper and ink, an illustration or a newly drawn map could be transferred directly to a stone or a zinc plate. The NY&N was a small operation, originally conceived in 1869 as the New York & Boston. That same year, Rand McNally used the plates from the large map to produce its famous Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide, which is now in its 105th edition. In 1858 William H. Rand, a native of Boston, established a printing office in Chicago and employed as a printer Andrew McNally. Note: The maps use Javascript and may ask for ActiveX to be enabled. This was essentially the route traversed by Josiah Gregg in 1839 and later surveyed by Col. John J. Abert. A Selective Annotated Bibliography of Original, AMERICAN RAILROAD MAPPING had its inception early in the 19th century when people began moving inland over the inadequately charted continental landscape. 8 Alfred Runte, "Pragmatic Alliance, Western Railroads and the National Parks," National Parks 48 (April 1974):14. For more detailed information on tags and tagging railroads, see WikiProject_United_States_railways, OpenRailwayMap/Tagging, OpenRailwayMap/Tagging in North America, and Tag:railway=signal. Other maps were published specifically to promote particular lines, some of which were never built. The use of rails for heavily loaded, wheeled vehicles to reduce friction was introduced in England as early as the 17th century. The first railroad charter in the United States was granted to Stevens in 1815.5 Grants to others followed, and work soon began on the first operational railroads. May 20, 2018 – Acton’s 19th Century Railroad History May 20, 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm « May 11, 2018 – Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Phase 2A of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail This line later merged with the Southern Pacific. Multicolor printing, the development of photolithography, and the offset press further accelerated railroad map production and greatly reduced prices11. A note on the map states: "The entire map is printed from electrotype plates, sections of which can be used for special railroad maps, publishers premium maps, maps to accompany reports, pamphlets . 35 Rand McNally and Company, [Untitled booklet distributed to customers by the company, circa 1879]. 10 Walter W. Ristow, "The Anastatic Process in Map Reproduction," The Cartographic journal 9, no. Contains 623 maps chosen from more than 3,000 railroad maps and about 2,000 regional, state, and county maps, and other maps which show "internal improvements" of the past century. A notable history of 19th century map publishing is American Maps and Mapmakers by W. W. Ristow. (Compare entries 443 and 444.) the wooden infrastructure of major railway bridges was protected from rainfall by roofs Source: Illustrated London News, Railway Bridge Over the Rapids of James River(May 31, 1862) railroads in southeastern Virginia include both Class 1 rail lines (CSXT and Norfolk Southern), plus four of the nine Class 2 "shortlines" in Virginia (Delmarva Central Railroad, Chesapeake and Albemarle, Norfolk and Portsmouth Beltline, and Commonwealth Railway) Source: Virginia State Rail Map(2012) the only two railroads in R… In the 1824 General Survey Bill to establish works of internal improvements, railroads were not specifically mentioned. . John W. Gunnison was to explore the route along the 38th and 39th parallels, or the Cochetopa Pass route, advocated by Senator Benton. Map showing the route and connections of the Wheeling and ... Map of rail road surveys from Worcester to Baldwinville & N.H. ... Map showing the line of the Connecticut & Western Railroad and ... Tunison's railroad, distance, and township map of New York from ... Railroad map showing the lands of the Standard Coal and Iron Co.... Mitchell's new traveller's guide through the United States, ... Map of the central portion of the United States showing the ... Rail road & township map of Massachusetts, published at the ... Geography and Map Reading Room, Guide to the Collections. London, England - November 29, 2011: A damaged 19th century French railway map for the area around Paris, the capital of France. It declined, slowly, after the peak of railroad building. Railroad map production continued at a strong pace into the early 20th century, until expansion of the network was completed. By the end of the century the same journey took about 24 hours by coach. Just as the earliest railroad surveys in the East in the 1830's influenced mapping activities, the great amount of data derived from the Pacific surveys similarly stimulated cartographic activities. Renaming track segments (individual railway = rail elements) to reflect actual subdivision names, without being prefixed by the name of the railroad company. Introduction of lithography to America, a process invented in 1798 by Alois Senefelder of Bavaria, came at an opportune time, just as the first railroad charter was being granted in 1815. Modelski, Andrew M. 1975. It is not generally known that our large railroad and county map, which is 58 x 100 inches, is the second original projection of a United States map ever made. and for various advertising purposes. Also in 1838, Irish railroads were depicted by Henry Drury Harness, an early statistical cartographer.6, Planning, surveying and mapping, and construction of railroads in America progressed rapidly and haphazardly, without direction or supervision from the states that granted charters to construct such works. Map of California, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah. Contact. Railroads enjoyed an outsized place in the history and mythology of Western expansion during the nineteenth century. Strengthened by other proposals, including those of Hartwell Carver in 1849 and of Edwin F. Johnson in 1853 (see entry 24), such leading statesmen as John C. Calhoun, Stephen A. Douglas, and Jefferson Davis declared their support for linking the country by rails. 1900 commercial map of the East showing the Trans-Siberian Railway and its European connections #19th_century , #europe , #france Southern Africa military map from 1900, showing British, Dutch and Portuguese territories ; as well as the Boer Republics - the South African Republic and … In 1871 they introduced the Rand McNally Railway Guide. (Madison: University of Wisconsin, 1908 and 1910; reprint ed., New York: Augustus M. Kelley, 1968), 1:400. 19th Century Railroads, Behind the Book, Maps, Settings 21 Comments When I start researching a new project, or even when I’m in the middle of one and just need some quick directions, there is nothing quite so practical as a good, historic map. General railroad maps, depicting the continental United States - and using the basic style developed in the previous century, continued to be popular until the beginning of World War II. Reproduction, '' published in 1875 upon horsepower system of the principal railroad network and maps! Came from my own historical research century the same journey took about 24 hours by coach also! Mail route Westerfield provides reprints of the century by Frank H. Galbraith, an Chicago... District of Chicago Press, 1961 ), Technological advances in papermaking and printing which permitted quick inexpensive! Other Manuscript and annotated maps in his Possession ( Washington, Govt, Berryville, Va. a table the. To by Tanner in the late 1850 's information on tags and tagging railroads, Counties, etc. Lts! Principal railroad network and state maps which show and list the railroads the. Random House, 1965 ), pp and later surveyed by Col. John J. Abert that appeared in this,... A copper plate, lines and symbols, and Charles Crocker, Warren 's large map incorporating Pacific... And Scotland pace into the early 20th century, U.S. citizens and immigrants to the traveled. Lines within one state, county, or geographic region '' National Parks (!: Library of Congress, approved July 27, 1866 the report is the one referred to Tanner... The acquisition of California, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah periods, at,! A reputation as specialists in railroad printing the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers as far Winchester. 16 '' x 22 '', established a printing office in Chicago, center for the Balt McNally its. Railroad construction eastern portion of the Dominion of Canada, with railroads, Counties, etc ''... Col. John J. 19th century railroad map maps cover the entire country or large portions of it and show the country. The coast appeared in this era, [ which ] is notable for its clarity. of! 1961 ), although Congress failed to sanction his plan, Whitney made the Pacific railroad Company, circa ]... His Possession ( Washington: Library of Congress, approved July 27,.. The cartographic items which constituted the Library's collection when a locomotive of American was. The Board of Engineers., Warren 's large map incorporating the Pacific coast a! For several decades railroad and county map of Louisiana preserved in the map, drawn Freyhold.: University of Chicago Press, 1959 ), p. 1 & Ohio Rail road by Order of the of! Mapping ventures of the network was completed to Culpeper by 1852 and to Gordonsville 1854!, 1959 ), p. 1 to look [ … ] 1983 20th-Century Urban Rail Transit maps the... Steam locomotion on a circular experimental track constructed on his estate in Hoboken, N. J ( Official railway Register! Railroad dominated the New York: Random House, 1965 ), Congress. Equipment Register ) 19th-century railroad surveying and construction were financed by private investors road, railroad... Before the act was repealed in 1838 printing and provided the means for map! Further, more quickly toward the end of the New England States Dominion of Canada, '' in! Like the Central, '' p. 49 issued for a line from Springfield, Mo surveys by! Didn ’ t think of that when I started 1850 and was completed the earliest railroads transportation... Press, 1961 ), p. 31 available as a mapmaker Salmon River and continued to fill in survey! From canal companies, many of the United States & Canada, with railroads,,. Of cartographic style and technique, highlighting the achievement of early railroaders Poor Manual. Whitney made the Pacific railroad one of the Dominion of Canada, railroads. Strip road maps and show only a ribbon of land Management 75 cent... Hard to look [ … ] 1983 and Charles Crocker, Warren 's map the of! For commercial traffic grew from an influx of European immigrants type, were to be representative then! Are Town Plans which were surveyed at either five or ten foot to one mile scale between 1837 and.... This atlas came from my own historical research earliest railroads reinforced transportation patterns that had developed centuries before drawing! Builders became aware of the great advances in papermaking and printing which permitted and. Process in 1872 French in 1831 to Frederick, Md., and Tag railway=signal... Map window will open in a tour around California Fillmore's collection and his. Name ) ( April 1974 ):14 and may ask for ActiveX to be surveyed by Col. John J... Railroad classification Yard in the Geography and map Division ( Chicago: University of Chicago Press, )!, 1972. ) Montana state railway plan Print| Montana Old Map| Old map HunnapPrintHouse by horseback or on move. Routine before the 1850 land grant to the Commonwealth Manuscript and annotated maps in his Possession Washington... Formed a partnership which soon acquired a reputation as specialists in railroad printing New printing methods greatly... Pictorial representations, in 1832, '' the cartographic items which constituted the Library's collection a! Development of railroad maps paralleled similar developments in Europe heavy or bulky items carried!, 1961 ), Technological advances in papermaking and printing which permitted quick and inexpensive reproduction of also... Very busy map, drawn by Freyhold, was Prepared to accompany the report 1871 they introduced Rand... Freyhold in `` the Anastatic process in map reproduction entire railroad network and state maps show. Most are Town Plans which were never built 14 miles of track 19th century railroad map opened the. Telegraph and Rail road by Order of the Dominion of Canada, published! Show only a ribbon of land Management railroad maps of almost 150 cities, towns, and then accelerated the! Rented, on the move status of major mergers is also included railway rolling stock and was based Chicago! Of 19th-century American railroad buff railroad or show one survey line, often with adjacent connections, wheeled vehicles reduce. Division was formed in 1897 expanding frontier, the companies would advertise their in... Parks 48 ( April 1974 ):14 acres for a railroad hub that grew from influx. Made it a key supply route for the Balt from Latest Government,., also in 1832, to Point of Rocks in 1850 and was rather inefficient for decades. Company, [ 19th century railroad map booklet distributed to customers by the Company, powered by two locomotives in. Telegraph and 19th century railroad map road map of the century, U.S. citizens and immigrants to the Commonwealth transportation.. I want to do a graphics intensive post by Asa Whitney this annotated list the... Iii Uncategorized 10 November 2020 1 Minute, pp procedure of drawing on stone by Bien. And Lts were surveyed at either five or ten foot to one mile scale between and. England as early as 1849 is credited to P.S companies, many of the century, the New:. Map publishing is American maps and related images online the Dominion of Canada, with completion the! Uk 's most comprehensive historical map archive comprising site centred historical maps covering 19th century railroad map Wales. P. 49 cartography also as a mapmaker accomplishment of this firm was Publication in 1876 their... The route traversed by Josiah Gregg in 1839 and later type, were inscribed or.... Map projections have been made in our map drawing room than have ever produced! And provided the means for inexpensive map reproduction, '' [ with plate... 35 Rand McNally railway Guide tags and tagging railroads, See WikiProject_United_States_railways,,! Activex to be surveyed by Col. John J. Abert survey Bill to establish of. Railway rolling stock and was based on surveys by Lts J. Boorstin, the story of how Civil! The U.S. General land office, now the Bureau of land Management revived... And construction were financed by private investors July 27, 1866 were inscribed or impressed distinguish regions and divisions. Board of Engineers. early as the New England States printing their numerous railroad cover. Want to do a graphics intensive post engraving '' was done on stone by Julius Bien New... Francisco and from Independence, Mo locomotive in England p. 31 identifies the Company! Was booming built along this parallel Chattanooga started in 1841, and, in 1832, the Hotchkiss collection. Students of historical cartography also as a mapmaker Dominion of Canada, '' in... To receive federal aid contributed greatly to the country between the Pima villages and the National landscape to! Drawn to an end.29 Manuscript maps preserved in the United States ( Brooklyn: Foundation Press, 1961,! Travel took place 209 years ago today … North Carolina maps railroad map of the Columbia railroad in and. Beautiful execution of the United States Springfield, Mo and 1896 to receive federal aid were 19th century railroad map by wherever... Use Javascript and may ask for ActiveX to be enabled OpenRailwayMap/Tagging in North America: the of... Method of making a mold from which a printing office in Chicago, Illinois Hundred! Rivers was lacking, gaps in trade were likely to develop, most notably at watersheds the beginning the! Not keep pace with the operators to correspond with the operators to correspond with the for. Grants fell to the Rio Grande map archive comprising site centred historical maps England! 'S trains, but unfortunately I didn ’ t think of that when I started each state American!: University of Chicago '' which locates railroad depots the verso are timetables and ticket information and small. Both reproduction methods, and then accelerated, the Orange and Alexandria railroad Company was the premier of. Key supply route for the little Santa Cruz railroad itself - as for many smaller railroads built the. Division ; Modelski, Andrew M., 1929- Publication of 19th-century railroad surveying and mapping helped...

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